How to cook Snakehead fish thick Noodles soup

banh_canh_ca_loc_rau_dangBánh canh cá lóc ăn kèm rau đắng

Snakehead fish thick noodle soup is a popular dish in the center of Viet Nam with the available ingredient like: snakehead fish, rice flour or wheat flour. The farmers can catch a fish while working on the field. After simple process and spice, they have a beautiful , delicious dish for the middle morning meal or the afternoon snack. Nowadays, it is not only a famous street food but also the local speciality.

How to cook this noodles?

1. Make mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour, a little oil and hot water. (Remember: Water must be hot and used a moderate amount)

2. Stir and knead it until it becomes a soft and smooth dough.

3. Roll the dough flat (about 5cm) and cut it into square strip of 10 cm long.

4. Cook the snakehead fish then pick out the bone from the meat, mix the meat with slice shallots, chilly, seasoning powder, fish sauce, chilly powder and vegetable oil. Maybe people also add some kinds of food like shrimp, quail egg, grilled chopped meat, ...

5. Use the broth of fish for cooking the noodle with the mixture of fish meat to boil.

6. Served with fish sauce, some laska leaves and spring onions.

Snakehead fish noodles soup is more tasty flavor when we enjoy with Nha Trang lemon green-chili sauce.