Phu Quoc Whole Black/White Peppercorn - Ceramic Grinder

Ground Pepper will lose its smell for a long time, but you can not grind a small amount of pepper for a single use with common mill.

With Dh Foods' ceramic grinder, all your problems will be solved:

  • Mini pepper grinder is designed for easy grinding and direct pepper spray
  • Cylindrical shape, recessed waist for easy grip
  • High quality body glass
  • When you need to use pepper, hold the lid,  rotate the body clockwise direction, the pepper inside is crushed and your work just sprinkle pepper on the dish.

Dh Foods pepper originated from Phu Quoc. From the typical sandy soil of this land, pepper species with high tensile strength and aroma are more characteristic than those grown in other regions.

Pepper is selected carefully for the finest grain, the best for cleaning, peeling, drying and packaging without mixing any other impurities.

Complete criteria "NO Artificial Colors - NO Preservatives, NO impurities" to make  Phu Quoc black/white pepper is always the safe choice, quality for consumers.

Buy a pepper jar that has just been quality, again the grinder is extremely portable reusable. Those products are coming in the system of supermarkets, stores across the country.