Phu Quoc whole white peppercorn comes from Phu Quoc island. From the typical sandy soil of this land, pepper species with high tensile strength and aroma are more characteristic than those grown in other regions. Pepper seeds are selected very carefully, cleaned, and peeled, then packaged without extraneous.

Especially, saying "NO Artificial Colors - NO Preservatives", Dh Foods' Phu Quoc whole white peppercorn is a safe and quality option for consumers.

Ingredients: Phu Quoc whole white peppercorn (100%).


  • Use to marinate food.
  • Season stir fries, braised dishes…
  • Also very useful for treating the disease: cold stomach/ stomach flu, rheumatism – vomit- toothache, toothache, malaria.

Net Weight: 45g

Phu Quoc whole white peppercorn is packaged in the grinder/mill that makes the pepper goes only where you want it and not all over the kitchen table.

Instruction of using pepper grinder: 

  • Holding the green lid and rotating clockwise the glass body.
  • Adjusting the grounded pepper by rotating the black buttom on the green lid.